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Giving Temptation Backchat


Thinking about the Romans 6 reminder that I am no longer a slave to sin, and realizing that I act too often as if I am, I came up with the defiant “You ain’t the boss of me!” to use against it when it says, in one of its wheedling ways, that I must do this or that. I decided I needed to expand that a bit, and came up with this ditty. Maybe I’ll make up a tune to go with it, but for now, this’ll do.
Sin, you ain't the boss of me

A Little Verse


Was just about to drift off to sleep last night, but thoughts about the morning’s sermon were brewing, and I had to turn on the light and scribble this down:

Faith goes boldly before the throne of grace.
Faith lifts its eyes to meet the King’s gaze.
Faith discovers pleasure beaming from the Father’s face.
Faith overflows with wonder, love, and praise.