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Joy Doodles #22 and 23


Joy Doodle 022 sm
The first one was my entertainment on a recent cross-country flight. I knew the motion of the plane would prevent precision, so I planned on the wobbliness of the vertical lines giving it a bit more texture.
Joy Doodle 023 sm
Back on solid ground, I did the second one, which required a steadier hand. At one spot, I goofed and used the same color adjacent to itself. A little cutting-and-pasting plus a little Photoshopping hid it pretty well, I think.

Joy Doodle #18


So I’m at the point where I’ve done as many of these in the past three and a half weeks as I did the first six and a half months of the year. I’m sure I’ll get off the kick soon enough, and won’t even average out to my originally intended pace of one per week for the year, but maybe I’ll achieve my secondary goal of filling a large (2' x 3') picture frame with them…not to mention having a bit of joyful fun along the way. I also had visions of moving on to other media at some point, which may or may not happen, but in the meantime I’ll stick with the somewhat pretentious notation underneath each one I post. If it makes you laugh, all the better!

Joy Doodle 018 sm
(Ink on index card)