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Fénelon on Faults


I know nothing about Fénelon, but I appreciated these two quotes I came across today:

“Vexation at a fault is generally more of a fault than the fault itself.” Oh, how many lessons I’ve had to have on this! And how many more I still probably need.

“Do not be disquieted about your faults. Love without ceasing, and much will be forgiven you, because you have loved much. Faults perceived in peace, in the spirit of love, are immediately consumed by love itself; but faults perceived in a pettish fit of self-love disturb peace, interrupt the presence of God, and the exercise of perfect love.” Faults perceived in a pettish fit of self-love — what a striking phrase. Self-fussing is a manifestation of self-love as much as is self-accusing. The remedy is to turn one’s attention away from self and to God and neighbor in love. Speaking of things I need lessons on…