Verily Valerie
Valerie is a 40-something Reformed Christian spinster* who moved to Moscow, Idaho, In June 2012 after living in Baltimore, Maryland, all her life. She doesn’t remember a time before she knew and loved Jesus, but she does remember accepting John Calvin into her heart in March of 2000.


*Isn’t that just the most non-P.C. word ever? So of course ol’ contrarian me insists on using it. It doesn’t sound very nice–too much like sinister–and it evokes the image of a nasty spider setting about to weave a snare, but the etymology of spinster is really quite innocuous. Before the industrial revolution, when thread still had to be spun by hand, the task fell almost exclusively to never-married women. And if that sounds like a terrible, drudgery-filled lot, just remember that everybody had to work very hard in those days just to provide for daily necessities. So I suggest that we reclaim and redeem the word. It speaks of usefulness, productivity and fruitfulness. It portrays a needed and expected role of steady industry. It reminds us of our call to be faithful, diligent servants even when the tasks at hand aren’t very glamorous.

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  1. Better, Diana? I left off the work part so I wouldn’t have to explain that I’m currently an unemployed loafer. I mean, we wouldn’t want that getting around, now would we?

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