Five Years in Moscow


Hmmm…I appear not to have posted for an entire year. But it’s time for this annual one, so here ’tis. I won’t post the links to the previous ones, since you just need to scroll down to the next post for those.

Five years. And since I will turn 50 in a couple of months, that means I’ve spent ten percent of my life here. I can’t really think of anything new that I want to add to my previous list of things to be thankful for, but I’ll update a couple:

My Perch: The church office moved recently, so I relocated to a space in a small business run by some friends. I am grateful for their hospitality and camaraderie. At any moment, I am not surprised to hear one or another of the guys humming or whistling a psalm or hymn…basically Ephesians 5:19ing it all over the place. They bless me. And make me wish I could whistle!

My Progress: I’ve been seeing the sort of spiritual growth that I’ve been fighting for for decades. More joy and more victory. Still a long way to go, but grateful to see the wheels turning.

OK, as I was typing, I thought of a couple more things:

My Persecutors: I’m not suffering any kind of big-time persecution, but I’ve attracted the occasional reviler and evil-sayer, so that’s cause for rejoicing and exceeding gladness.

My Prayer App: Huge recommend for PrayerMate. This has really helped me be more consistent in keeping a prayer list and following through with it. And that’s the foundation of loving my neighbors (and my aforementioned enemies) better.

Might keep this up next year…might not. We’ll see!

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