My Year in Books…and Looking Ahead to Next Year


After a pitiful showing in 2012 (just 14 titles), I was determined to be more literate in 2013. Here’s the breakdown:

Total titles reviewed on Goodreads: 36

Brief picture books that shouldn’t really count (and aren’t included in the following stats): 2

Audio: 12.5 // Print or onscreen: 21.5

Fiction: 20 // Nonfiction: 14

Books I worked on (editing, proofreading and/or layout): 3 (Beowulf, Against the Church, Rekindling Advent)

Other books I worked on that I suppose I could count, because I read them, but didn’t, because they haven’t been published yet, so I haven’t reviewed them yet: 1

Books I wish I could have worked on  because the editing, proofreading and/or layout needed desperate help: 1 (Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert…amazing book, lame cover, embarrassing editing)

Read for book group: 8

Rereads from previous years: 13 // First-time reads: 21

Multiple reads this year: 2 (World English BIble, audio edition read by David Field…listened through 3 times; Beowulf…2 rounds of proofrediting)

Best of the bunch: Obviously, the Bible. And I wouldn’t have reread 13 books if I didn’t love them. The best new reads were Death by Living, Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, and Orthodoxy, all of which I hope to reread in the coming year or two.

For 2014, I’d like to increase the overall count, read a larger proportion of new-to-me titles (rereading all of Narnia kind of skewed things this year…not that I’m complaining), and read more on paper.

I’ve tidied up my “currently reading” list on Goodreads in preparation for the new year. I’ve got four in progress:

Collected Works, Flannery O’Connor — Been chipping away for a few years now, and will probably keep chipping away for another decade or so. I don’t mind the slow progress on this one as long as I’m honest about it.

God Is the Gospel, John Piper — Picked this back up after a long lull when I joined a brief book study that was going through it. Alas, I wasn’t able to attend half the study, but I’m still plugging away at the book.

Crying for Justice, John N. Day — Been working at this one off and on for a while. Want to finish it this year.

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Jeremiah Burroughs — Another one for a book study. I’ve already skipped a bunch of chapters when I couldn’t make the meetings, and I probably won’t go back, but I hope to go forward.

I’d also like to restart The Brothers Karamazov, but in a different translation than the one I abandoned last year. And I got Empire of Bones, Peace Like a River, and The Devil’s Dictionary for Christmas, so I plan to get to those, too.

Yay for books!


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