Things That Make Me Cringe


I haven’t seen anyone do this in a while, and I can’t remember who was the last person I saw do it, so this isn’t an individual attack, it’s just a hopeful attempt to get folks to think about what they’re doing.

Please stop posting photos of your kids on the potty.

There. I said it. Now I’m going to open my umbrella to protect myself from all of the rotten fruit that’s going to be thrown at me in a minute.

Moms, could you maybe think of this as a Golden Rule thing? Would you want pics of yourself on the toilet posted in a public place?

“But she’s so cute!” “But I’m so proud of him!” She is, in fact, adorable. He has, in fact, accomplished the greatest feat of his young life. But not every cute moment, not every proud moment, needs photo documentation to be shared with the world. Using the toilet should not be a public act.

“But you can’t see anything!” OK, but I could probably take a photo of you on the toilet not showing anything, and it still wouldn’t be respectful.

I don’t get tired of seeing pics of my friends’ kids. I’m not one to complain that you post too many. Just…not this, please. I get embarrassed for your kids every time. They’re not in a position to know enough to say no, so when it comes to potty pics, please say no for them.

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