Joy Doodles #10 and #11


Not the best execution, but it was fun to play with the idea.

Joy Doodle 010 sm
(Ink on index card)

Love me some paisley. I started out with the rigid, geometric lines, thinking I’d continue in the same vein to fill them, but the idea of the luscious organic contrast won out.

Joy Doodle 011 sm
(Ink on index card)


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  1. Yeah, I’ve seen Zentangles online. Back in my day, we just called ’em doodles. Didn’t need no big, fancy, trademarked 10-letter word for ’em. ;^) OK, OK…so I know there’s a “method” for Zentangles, but I’m happy making up my own methods as I go along!

    Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Yeah, when I found out what a Zentangle was I was like “I used to do this in college and it was doodling…” Kinda weird that you’re now not allowed to teach it without being trained by the people who trademarked the name. lol

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