Joy Doodle #4


Sometimes I do things in the wrong order. This afternoon I went to Walmart with a short shopping list and a mental note to pick up a prescription. I should, of course, have done the latter first. As it turned out, I’d waited too long to pick it up, so they had to redo it, which was going to take 15 to 20 minutes. To pass the time I went back to the office supplies section and snagged a pack of index cards and a set of gel pens that I actually didn’t own yet. (The prime directive in my life appears to be “Must. Buy. ALLLLLLLL. The. Pens!!!!!” Pen sets with lots of pretty colors are like crack to me. You might say I have an ink dePENdency.) I also prayed for a friend who just lost her beloved father and the family and friends of a dear lady in our community whose memorial service was this evening. I was grateful to have found a way to use that 15 to 20 stray minutes fruitfully rather than just twiddling my thumbs. That was much more conducive to joy.

I am happy to report that, unlike the neon gel ink, metallic gel ink scans just spiffily.

Joy Doodle 004 sm

(Metallic gel ink on index card.)


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