Who Is Joy?


A couple of weeks ago, with a little help from BibleGateway, I printed out every Bible reference to joy and rejoicing. The list came to about 20 pages, and I’m slowly working my way through, looking for themes and contexts and causes and results — who is being joyful, what they are doing with that joy, and what that joy is doing with them — and anything else that might fatten up my understanding and experience of joy. The batch of verses I looked at today included Psalms 43:4 and 48:2. These two verses show not only who is joyful but who is joy. In the first, “God my exceeding joy.” In the second, “The joy of the whole earth, Is Mount Zion,” i.e., the city of God, the people of God. God is joy. God indwelling His saints makes us joy. We are the salt of the earth, seasoning the whole planet with the joy of His presence.

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