“What are the distinguishing marks of joy? Is it an emotional high or something we can produce on demand? No. Joy is something that the Spirit gives, and therefore the flesh cannot manipulate or imitate it. Joy is an intense, deep, and abiding satisfaction in the sovereignty and goodness of God. Joy is praise.”

Nancy Wilson, “Joy Overflowing”

(I have had the bolded sentence taped to my monitor since Nancy first posted this…going on six years. Think maybe in another six or so it’ll start to sink in?)

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  1. Hello, Valerie! You probably don’t remember me, I met you at Providence Church in Lynchburg, VA a couple years ago. (Megan Okimoto is my good friend!) I found your blog through the femina grapevine, and have always enjoyed your comments! I just wanted to say thank you for your daily posts on joy! Don’t we all need reminders? Keep up the good work!

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