Happy New Year!


“To mark new beginnings is natural, and whether we are doing it with the church calendar or with the civic calendar, we want all our strivings and resolvings to be gospel-driven, not guilt-driven. We need new life far more than a new leaf, and so we cry out to God. Let every transformation in our personal lives over this next year be the result of sheer grace, utter gift, inexorable life, and God’s overflowing kindness. Our prayer to God is that He would tell us to rise up and walk—and that we would throw away the crutches of duty, and run after Him on the legs of joy.”

Doug Wilson, “Bruise in Us the Serpent’s Head”, December 24, 2012 (Emphases added.)

I’m creating this post on December 30 and thinking that maybe a good 2013 resolution would be to blog something every day a few times a week (let’s not get too carried away) on the subject of joy. Hmmm…we’ll see if I can keep that up. Heaven knows it’d be good for my Eeyore soul!


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  2. Funny, I got invited to a FB board in January “31 Days of Joy”. I’m not a naturally joyful person but I participated. Some days I had to dig, but I had 31 posts and was blessed by the Spirit with some wonderful insight (and feelings) of joy.

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