The blessings of having  a mouthful of aphthous ulcers (a.k.a. canker sores):

  • They make me look younger. Evidently the virus that ‘s causing them is typically active in preschoolers, not 44-year-olds.
  • Gotta love any diagnosis that necessitates prescriptions of a) honey and b) “magic mouthwash.”
  • It’s an amazing opportunity to learn valuable life lessons such as No matter how much you love Lindt’s dark chocolate with chili peppers, it’s a really, really stupid thing to eat when you have mouth sores.
  • Getting to write about JePHTHah’s daughter (which I was yesterday) while having aPHTHous ulcers is just priceless. I think I’ll have to hit the oPHTHalmologist’s office tomorrow for the triPHTHecta. (But I’m grateful that nothing necessitates a visit to a PHTHisiotherapist. Yes that’s a real word.)

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  1. Unfortunately, the “magic mouthwash” (copay = 45 bucks!) doesn’t seem to be doing much for me. One of the ingredients, lidocaine, can damage the vocal cords, so I’m just not very keen on getting the stuff far back in my mouth.

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